WordPress and Dreamweaver a Comparison by a Young Web Designer

WordPress and Dreamweaver a Comparison by a Young Web Designer


WordPress is a blogging website and has nothing to do with web design Рthat was my perspective up until I was properly introduced to it a short time ago. I spent a large amount WordPress agency   of my time mastering Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS and jQuery. I saw learning WordPress as irrelevant to me and my career (unless I wanted to write a blog).

I started working for a company and was told WordPress is their preferred method of Web Design. I was a bit confused at first, given my preconceived ideas. But it turns out that WordPress is actually a very good CMS (content management system). This means that someone without any coding skills can “manage” their “content”. It is also not just a blogging site; it is actually very good at creating company websites.

WordPress takes a lot of hard work out of management of a website and to some extent the creation of a website. But this does not mean that it is an easier option. If you do not know CSS there is no way you will get the website looking how you want it and if you do not know HTML and understand PHP there is little chance you will really get the most from WordPress.

Adobe Dreamweaver

From what I just said it would possibly seem I am suggesting that young web designers looking to build a career move away from Dreamweaver and towards WordPress. In fact I suggest the opposite. Without learning to use Dreamweaver I wouldn’t have picked up all the knowledge along the way of how the pages are built. And the exact same principle applies to websites created using Adobe Dreamweaver, as does websites created in WordPress. There are CSS files that style the pages and HTML code that creates the page and so on. And even now to save time when building websites in WordPress I will use Dreamweaver to build HTML and CSS.

Dreamweaver does help us become more efficient but it is very imp


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